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Chad Kaltenbach is the founder and CEO of Kaltenbach Real Estate. He started the company 25 years ago and has seen it grow its portfolio to over 100 million dollars and serve hundreds of corporate and individual clients. 



Chad Kaltenbach, CEO of Kaltenbach Real Estate

Chad’s success has a lot to do with his business background and a passion for entrepreneurship. His father was an entrepreneur and introduced him to the business world at a very young age. Chad went on to pursue a degree in business management and graduated with high honors. He then pursued an MBA further sharpening his business skills. He went on to work for several investment firms before leaving to become a full-time entrepreneur with a focus on real estate. Through Kaltenbach Real Estate, Chad buys and sells homes and commercial properties and also holds a portfolio of rental properties. Besides being a high flying CEO, Chad has a heart for the less fortunate and regularly gives to charities that support children from poor backgrounds. Since COVID-19 started, more than 10 charities have benefited from his works of charity. Chad is also a family man and cherishes spending time with his wife and two daughters. He particularly loves traveling the world with them.